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DH Circular No. 138/2016 titled Post of Midwife on a Full-Time/Part-Time
Basis in the Ministry for Energy and Health (Health), Post of Staff Nurse
on a Full-Time/Part-Time Basis in the Ministry for Energy and Health
(Health) and in the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity is
being sent to you for your perusal and any action you deem necessary.
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Interested in Studying Nursing? Follow the links to learn more about the Requirements needed
Preparatory Course For Higher Diploma in Health Science in Nursing Studies

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Nursing

The Centre for Labour Studies in collaboration with the Department of gender Studies is offering a part time diploma Course titled Gender, Work and Society - Click Here

MUMN is affiliated in various international and European Organisations such as the International Council of Nurses (ICN), Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation ( CNMF), European Midwives Association (EMA), European Federation of Nurses Associations, and the European Nursing Students Organisation (ENSG).


MUMN locally is affiliated with the National Council of Women, Malta Confederation of Women Organisations and in the Alliance for Pensioners Organisations.

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MUMN has also been the catalyst for the FOR.U.M- Forum Unions Maltin to be established. This organisation consists of twelve unions, with the main objective of the FOR.U.M was to be  included in the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development together with the other unions and federations. This materialized in the year 2013. Although each union is independent to act as its own, certain issues are tackled together.