The Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund (FNBF) aims at acting as a means of social support for its members who are passing through particularly difficult times. Benefits for members who have been contributing for at least six months include:

Claim submission

Claims are to be submitted to the FNBF Group Committee (GC) within twelve months from the date of occurrence. No funds will be given if the requested documents by the FNBF GC are not submitted.

Medical treatment abroad

Should a member require medical treatment abroad (which treatment is not available locally), an air ticket is offered to the member and another ticket to the person accompanying him/her. If the member's ticket is funded by the state, an air ticket is offered to the accompanying person only.

FNBF also offers €50, for each day spent abroad for treatment, up to a maximum of 28 days. These funds are allocated for the expenses of transport, food etc. during the stay abroad.

A married member’s spouse and his children or legally adopted children or fostered children can also benefit from this clause. The provision for the children lasts until they arrive at the age of 18 years

For a married member who lives with his spouse and his parents, his parents cannot benefit from this clause.

For members who are separated or divorced and their children live in a different address, their children can still benefit from this clause. When applying for this benefit a child birth certificate from the public registry has to be presented to the GC.

If a married member regains the single status and will start living with his parents, only his children will benefit from this clause. If the member does not have children or partner then his parents will benefit

When a member lives with a registered partner, the partner can benefit from the fund but the partner’s own children will not benefit. The partner will benefit after six months being registered with the GC

The member is obliged to inform the fund for any changes in his status, and to send a copy of the partner’s identity card to the fund

Sick Leave

If a member is on sick leave half pay he/she may receive €232 every fortnight for a maximum of €464. The list of illnesses specified in PSMC Appendix 4.11 will only be utilized by the Group Committee when the amount of sick leave half pay is staggered.

If a member exhausts all his/her sick-leave entitlement on full and half pay and is on sick leave without pay, he/she may receive €464 every fortnight for a maximum of €1392.

Loss of allowances due to an injury on duty

If a member is not able to work due to an injury sustained while exercising his/her duties and, although receiving a basic salary, misses out on more than €230 in allowances, he/she will benefit from half of the allowances lost, up to a maximum of €700. It is important to note that funds will be given only to the injuries sustained during the full­time employment, and in the cases of part-timers, where this part-time employment is the only employment.

Financial support in conditions of terminal illness.

If a member is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he/she has the right to apply to the FNBF GC, for a one time only, a maximum sum of €2000 to help in paying the treatment prescribed by the consultant doctor.

The member’s beloved ones as listed in the benefit - Medical Treatment Abroad from point 3 to 9 - can also benefit for a one time only from 33% of their request to the maximum amount of €1000.

If the treatment is being paid by the Government, then the member or his/her beloved ones (applicants) has no right to apply. If the applicants opt to receive a different treatment, from that being offered by the Government and/or seeks treatment abroad, the applicants must present a note from a local medical consultant stating the advantages that the applicants would be receiving by taking a different treatment from that given by the Government and/or the advantages of receiving the treatment abroad. The FNBF GC has the right to seek a second opinion from an independent local medical consultant.

The member applying for this benefit can also apply for the benefits listed in the ‘Medical Treatment Abroad’, ‘Sick Leave’ and ‘Counselling Services’.

If the FNBF GC receives other claims that are not attributed to terminal illnesses but are as serious as these cases, they must refer them to the MUMN Council for its decision

Retirement from work

Once a year a social function is organised in recognition of the service carried out by FNBF members who would have retired during the previous year. Each member is awarded a thanksgiving memento and invited to a reception. Members have to inform the GC that they are going to retire from work.

Counselling services

Members are entitled to individual/group counselling sessions with a professional counsellor from the Richmond Foundation. Where group sessions are concerned the GC may opt to refer the members to an alternative professional counsellor besides the Richmond Foundation. The GC is entitled to evaluate all requests related to group counselling.

Death of members

In the case of a death of a member, the sum of €1000 is given to the person who pays for the funeral as a contribution towards the funeral expenses.


Information about FNBF Benefits and activities organized by the GC are published in the MUMN Magazine ‘Il-Musbieh’ periodically.


Each year a diary is provided for free to all FNBF members.

Annual Meeting

Each year the FNBF GC shall organize a meeting to all the FNBF members. During this meeting the secretary of the GC reads out the administrative report while the treasurer will read out the financial report.