Institute for Healthcare Professionals

The MUMN strives to enhance education and evidence based practice. The aim of the Institute of Healthcare Proffesionals within the MUMN is to educate nurses and all professions in the healthcare system. Our aim is to keep healthcare professionals up to date with latest studies and to help increase knowledge.


The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses was founded in 1990 then known as the Malta Union of Midwives MUM. The MUM was set up by midwives working in the Public Service with the aim of playing a decisive role in shaping all matters appertaining to the development of policy that affects both midwives, mothers and babies for whom they care for.

Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund

The Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund (FNBF) aims at acting as a means of social support for its members who are passing through particularly difficult times.

Administration Committee

Maria Cutajar


Colin Galea

General Secretary

Noel Camilleri


George Saliba

Financial Secretary

Professions that joined MUMN

"We joined MUMN over three years ago, after feeling unsatisfied with the other union, we were associated with. MUMN gave us the opportunity to be placed on the same platform as these other professionals. Our experience with MUMN has been very positive so far. Whenever we requested assistance, we were always seen to immediately. We are also able to benefit from the working relationships MUMN has already built with different areas of management."

— Daniela Camilleri (Social Worker)

"We joined MUMN in 2014 , MUMN has always involved us in the discussions and listened to the collective and individual concerns of physiotherapists and acted immediately upon these concerns. Ongoing communication is always present. There are also other benefits such as access to continuous professional development , access to free legal advice regards employment issues . MUMN looks at the well-being of the professional from all aspects. "

— Pauline Fenech (Physiotherapist)

"With the initiative of Mr Simon Borg, one of my colleagues, we convinced MUMN to endorse us as members and started working to get acknowledgement from the government entities. We did so and to this date, not only as ECG technicians we are united in one union, but we managed to achieve a lot in a period of less than three years. We established a structured course organised by a local academic institution as an entry requirement for our profession, something which we did not have and was the culprit of the shortage of staff we have. "

— Alex Genovese (ECG Technician)